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Oil-less Okro with basil

Easy Scotch Egg


6 Large boiled eggs

7 Turkey Sausage (remove casing)

1 small brown onion diced

55g breadcrumbs

1tbs of flour

1tsp parsley

1/2tsp sage

1/4tsp chilli powder

Vegetable oil for frying


Remove sausage casing. Add parsley, sage, chilli powder and chopped onions.

Mix until well combined.

Coat boiled egg with flour (allows turkey sausage to stick to egg).

Divide turkey sausage evenly.

Gently wrap turkey sausage around egg and smoothen with palm.

Heat oil in pot on medium heat

Coat egg in breadcrumbs and smoothen with palm.

Deep fry eggs two or three at a time depends on the size of your pot.

Serve and Enjoy


Ensure onion is diced so they do not require long cooking time.

To get that juicy and tender turkey flavour ensure you do not fry for long period.

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